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Our customers love TableLabs :)
Arash Eskandari
Experienced Niche Site Builder
"I’ve tried so many different plug-ins and themes with built-in tables and they were all frustrating to use, took too long to create and didn’t look good. Table Labs makes creating really good looking tables seamless and incredibly easy to do"
Jake Cain
Niche Pursuits
"I installed Table Labs on 200+ blog posts with 45 minutes of work. Immediately my earnings jumped by $379 within the next 30 days."
Jennifer L.
“I signed up for Table Labs yesterday and installed a couple on 2 existing posts... The very first one I embedded made a sale within about an hour on a low-traffic blog post! Woke up this morning to find ANOTHER sale! I LOVE Table Labs!”
Jon Dykstra
Fat Stacks Blog
"I’m a big fan of this table plugin.  I’ve used many; this is the one I use on my niche sites."

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What is TableLabs?
TableLabs is tool for Amazon affiliates to create product comparison tables & charts as well as showcase boxes. Its integrated with the Amazon PA API, automatically pulling product description, pictures, price & more for you and keeping it current.
Do I need to be a programmer to use TableLabs?
No. TableLabs is a no-code software, from product comparison chart creation, design and implementation, everything is drag & drop or copy & paste.
Does TableLabs have product comparison templates?
Yes. TableLabs has several pre-made designs. To create your first table, the only thing you need to do is to add the products you want to recommend.
Can I customize the design of my Product Comparison Table?
Yes. You can modify every aspect of your Amazon product comparison chart, adding as many product rows and comparison columns as you want. Plus, you can choose colors for rows, buttons or font.
Can I create an Amazon Product Showcase Box with TableLabs?
Yes. While we specialize in Amazontables, our chart toolbox has sufficient modification options to design great Amazon showcase box.

Why should I create a product comparison chart?
Visualizing how features compare is a great method to differentiate products. As a summary view for your audience, the conversion rates for Amazon product comparison charts are amazing.
Where can I see examples of an Amazon comparison chart?
Compare tables can contain any combination of picture, description, price, call to action button or extensive feature comparisons, depending on your purpose. Check out selected Amazon comparison table designs.
Are compare charts made with TableLabs mobile-responsive?
Yes. Every chart looks great across screen. You can also decide which columns to show/hide depending on the screen size, so you can show slimmer versions specifically for your mobile users.
Does TableLabs recognize my Amazon Affiliate links?
Yes. For each comparison chart you create, you can assign a specific Tracking ID. All affiliate links on each chart will link to your assigned ID.

Does TableLabs allow me to track views, clicks and conversion rates?
Yes. Your personal chart dashboard shows you the views, clicks and click through rates for every chart you created. For every chart, you can also see how many clicks you have per product.
How do I implement a TableLabs chart on my website?
After you created a comparison chart or product highlight box, a code snippet is created. You only need to copy & paste the HTML code snippet to your website or blog.
How often do I need to update the information on my TableLabs affiliate charts?
Our software automatically updates images, prices, if the product is in stock and more daily.
I want to change the products I display in my Amazontable – do I need to change anything on my website?
No. You only have to modify your chart in our software. We then update the products on your chart or the chart design for the code snippet that is already on your website.
Is TableLabs Amazon compliant?
Yes. Our software uses the PA API to keep the information on your charts current. Using TableLabs avoids the risk of showing outdated product specifics.
Do I have to download or install TableLabs?
No. TableLabs is a cloud-based software that you control through your browser. You can create comparison charts from everywhere, with any device.
Is TableLabs an Amazon Affiliate Wordpress plugin?
We let you design Amazon compare charts independent of which platform you use. Our can use our software for Wordpress, Thrive, Elementor, Gutenberg, Shopify, Weebly, Squarespace, Wix, and any other websites.
Why create Amazon comparison tables with TableLabs when I can use NativeAds?
TableLabs allows you to customize design, text and call to action, so that each chart fits well into your website and does not look like cheap advertisement.
Do I need the Amazon Product Advertising API to use TableLabs?
Yes. TableLabs sources information live directly through Amazon with the API. If you have not yet qualified to use the API, you can drive sales through SiteStripe or NativeAds.
In which countries can I use TableLabs with Amazon OneLink?
You can use TableLabs from everywhere. Your affiliate links will link to Amazon US and through OneLink to United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and Japan.
I have a question – who can I ask?
We got you. Send us a ticket through our support portal.

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